Category: Documentation

  • Manage your documents with KeepLink

    KeepLink is a great place to store and retrieve all your documents, invoices, tickets, waranties, etc. Each document can be linked to many items. A fantastic way to organize your files! Add a document to KeepLink You add a document to KeepLink from the app that actualy holds the document. This could be a scanner, […]

  • Manage your contacts with KeepLink

    Adding a new contact With KeepLink, you can add contacts to any kind of list. Let’s say you’re in a great event and you want to add to this event someone you met there Open your event (in this case Quaterly event of Architecture Engineering) Tap the ‘Stars’ button in the bottom bar and select […]

  • Items and thumbnails

    A picture is worth a thousand words. This is especialy true when it comes to retrieving data on a smartphone screen. See how KeepLink helps you managing your data… with pictures Getting automatic thumbnails When you add an item to a list, KeepLink suggests pictures related to the name of this item. You can swipe […]

  • Manage your pictures with KeepLink

    To add a picture to a list, tap the ‘Picture’ button in the bottom bar and select the source of your picture. ‘Photo album’ allows you to add many pictures at once. All other options add only one picture. Adapting your pictures Use two fingers to zoom, shrink and move your picture so she looks […]