Privacy & GDPR

How private is my data?

To make story short, we, at KeepLink, don’t store ANY of your information. Your information is stored inside your phone. We don’t use server-side (back-end) storage. This is the reason why KeepLink didn’t ask you to connect to anything when you started using it. No account, no password. Actually you can access all your information even if you’re not connected to Internet.

So my data is just on my phone?

The answer to this question depends on how you backup your iPhone. KeepLink data is saved with your iPhone data. If you backup your iPhone data using iCloud, the information you store in KeepLink will also remain on iCloud. Check how to backup your phone or have a look at Apple privacy policy.

If you backup your iPhone with iTunes on a computer, the information your store in KeepLink will also remain on that computer.

Any analytics?

Yes we do. We use Google Analytics to capture statistics on how KeepLink is used worldwide. Each time you open an item we send an event to Google Analytics to tell that an item has been touched. If this item is a system item (i.e. an item that you haven’t created yourself, like Tools, Search or Preferences) the event tells what item has been opened. In the other case, the event just tells “User item”. We also capture other gestures like sliding back and forth, starting and ending a tutorial, etc. We also send technical data like the type of iPhone, iOS version and the city so we can check KeepLink usage by country.

The name of your items, the notes you take, the pictures, documents, websites nor any kind of information you capture in KeepLink is send to Google Analytics.