Questions & Answers


What is KeepLink?

KeepLink is an app that makes you phone a Digital Brain. You use KeepLink to store and organized any kind of items. Thanks to KeepLink, you’ll get more organized, you rememer everything and you reduce your mental load.

Is KeepLink free?

Yes! KeepLink is free to use and free of adds

Is it like a mindmap?

Not really, although you can build mindmaps with KeepLink. KeepLink is more powerful than a mindmap as it manages a network of information (also known as Knowledge Graph) instead of a tree of information.

Is KeepLink available only on iPhone?

KeepLink is available on any iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). By end of 2023, KeepLink will also be available on macOS (with M1 chip). So far, KeepLink is not available on Android and other operating systems.

How can I get additional help on KeepLink?

Swipe the bottom bar of KeepLink to the right and tap ‘Help’ to get additional tutorials, documentation and examples of usage.

How can I contact KeepLink team?

Slide the bottom bar of KeepLink to the right, tap ‘Help’, then tap ‘Contact Us’.

Your items

What is an item?

An item is the basic piece of information. An item could be anything like a contact, a note, a picture, an idea, a project, a website, a document, a task, a recipe, etc.

How many items can I store in KeepLink?

You can store billions of items in KeepLink. However, the total quantity of information you can store depends on the available memory on your phone. Most of our users manage more than 1’000 items. Some have more than 10’000.

How do I link items together?

When you add an item to a list, you actualy link these two items together. You can also link existing items together with a simple drag&drop. You can also unlink items. Have a look at the tutorials to know more about linking items.

Privacy / Recovery

How private is my information?

All items you store in KeepLink stay in the memory of your phone. We don’t store them on our server and we can’t read them. We suggest you to activate the automatic iCloud backup of your phone to backup your items but you don’t have to. Click here if you want to know more about our privacy policy.

Is there a backup of my data?

The backup of KeepLink is done when you backup your phone. This could be an automatic daily backup on iCloud or a manual backup on your Mac/PC

Can I recover a deleted item?

The items you delete go to the recycle bin. To recover one of them, go to Tools / Deleted items, swipe the item to the left and tap ‘Reopen’. The bin keeps the last 200 items you have deleted.