Manage your pictures with KeepLink

To add a picture to a list, tap the ‘Picture’ button in the bottom bar and select the source of your picture. ‘Photo album’ allows you to add many pictures at once. All other options add only one picture.

Adapting your pictures

Use two fingers to zoom, shrink and move your picture so she looks the way you want in the frame.

Full screen pictures

Tap your picture to open it full screen. When in full screen, you can rotate your device to see your pictures in portrait or landscape modes 🔄

Tap again to show or hide the action buttons. To close the picture and go back to the list, you can either tap the ‘Close’ button or swipe the picture down.

Using two fingers, you can also adapt how you want your picture to look like when in full screen. This works either in portrait or landscape mode.

Linking pictures to other items

Have you noticed the transparent blue square here?

That’s the thumbnail of your picture. As with any item in KeepLink, you can use this thumbnail to link your picture to other items (i.e. put your picture in other lists).

See ‘Link your items’ in the tutorials if you want to know more about the powerfull linking features of KeepLink.

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