Introducing KeepLink: The one app that organizes your life!

Capture the items of your life!

Because your life is not just about emails and meetings, KeepLink lets you capture any kind of items. What about children, school, projects, holidays, ideas, invoices, medical stuff, home, cars and the rest? Quickly capture all these with just one tap on one button!

Organize your items easily!

You don't need folders anymore: Organize your items by linking them together! Have you found on Internet a nice bungalow for your summer holidays? Link this website to your holidays project. Link it also to your friend Helen, so you remember to talk about it next time you meet.

Retrieve anything intuitively!

Because your items are linked together the way you think, you retrieve anything just by following your mind. Don't remember the name of this guy you met at Steve's party? Open the party and check who you met there. Or open Jen as you know she is a friend of this guy.

Recall things when you need to!

Don't search for items: They show up on your screen when you need them. Want to call your friend Helen for a drink? KeepLink shows this nice bungalow website you wanted to talk about with her. Remember?

Enjoy an organized life!

Now that KeepLink is in your pocket, you enjoy an easier life. You know where things are. You quickly capture new ones. You know they will show up when you need them. You link the items of your life: KeepLink keeps them for you.

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