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  • The one app to organize your life

    The one app to organize your life

    Meet KeepLink, the app that allows you to capture and connect any type of information with ease. KeepLink is a GraphBase or Personal Knowledge Graph (PKG) that allows you to organize your life without the need for folders or tags. With KeepLink, you can easily connect any type of item, such as a photo, contact, idea, or document, to create a non-hierarchical (folderless) graph that visualizes all the connections between your items

  • KeepLink automatic Backup with iCloud

    To ensure you will recover all your items in case you loose or break your iPhone, you can activate an automatic daily backup of your digital brain Open the Settings of your iPhone and tap your Apple ID profile Tap ‘iCloud’ to open your iCloud settings and check that ‘iCloud Backup’ is On If ‘iCloud […]