The one app to organize your life

Do you struggle to keep track of all the information in your life? Do you constantly find yourself searching for that one note or photo you took weeks ago? Look no further than KeepLink, the one app that allows you to easily capture and organize any type of information on your phone.

What is KeepLink?

Four smartphone screens showing beautiful lists of items

KeepLink is a mobile application that functions as a personalized database, allowing users to easily capture and connect different types of information in a non-hierarchical way. With KeepLink, you can capture anything from ideas and notes to contacts, photos, documents, websites, and to-do lists. Instead of using folders or tags to organize your information, KeepLink connects them together in a graph, allowing for easy access and navigation.

How does KeepLink work?

KeepLink’s interface is simple and intuitive. Adding an item to your list is as easy as pressing a button, and connecting items together can be done through drag and drop. When you tap on an item, you will see all the other items connected to it in a list format. KeepLink also suggests images or icons related to the item name, allowing for a high level of customization and easy recognition of items.

Why use KeepLink?

KeepLink is designed to be used on mobile devices, allowing you to manage all aspects of your life from your phone. With KeepLink, you can easily capture and organize any type of information, without the need for a keyboard. Additionally, all your information is stored locally on your device, ensuring instant access and a high level of privacy.

KeepLink is the ultimate app for organizing your life. With its simple interface and graph-based organization, KeepLink allows you to easily capture and connect any type of information. Plus, with its mobile design, you can manage your life on the go. So why wait? Download KeepLink today and start organizing your life like never before.